The Dead Poets, a poetry-to-tunes band based in Asheville, NC, announce their first new release in a decade.

After several years of tantalizing silence, marked by periodic surprise "drive-by" performances, The Dead Poets are excited to announce the release of a new collection of musico-poetic treatments, their third to date, entitled, "The Dead Poets III: Life is Fine."

Spanning nearly a decade of recording, "III: Life is Fine" features a number of uptempo LIVE versions of songs from their first two CDs, as well as some dazzling studio recordings of previously unreleased material, including Ben Jonson's "Song to Celia" and Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18."

Some tunes have simply been mixed; others have been remixed with additional voices and instruments. All of them, however, display the same wry wit and infectious fun that fans of The Dead Poets have come to expect from this unique trio. And this is just the first of several planned releases as the band, responding to repeated requests, draws from their extensive recording archive. Heading back into the studio is also being discussed, so watch for news of subsequent releases!

Visit for download links, or find them on Apple iTunes,, GooglePlay,, and other popular online music sources.

Note: This release is digital download only. That said, The Dead Poets recognize that some people prefer physical media, something they can hold in their hands. If this is you, drop them a line; the first 100 people who purchase the full digital release will be eligible to receive a physical CD for just the cost of postage and handling!